Racketball is a game played on a squash court in a similar way to squash, but using a larger bouncier ball and a shorter racket. Although the game has been played in UK for decades, in recent years it has grown in popularity to be a major feature in most squash clubs now and is now the fastest growing sport here and in other European countries. The game is now also being called Squash 57!

It's appeal with players includes having more time on the ball, which helps to provide longer rallies for players of all standards. Racketball can also be enjoyed by players who have never played squash as well as squash players who have been 'converted'. For example tennis players can make good racketball players in a very short time. While the game used to be associated with those who could no longer play squash, racketball now attracts many top squash players some of which no longer play squash, but also many who still play both games. The modern slower ball has transformed the game into an attractive sport for players of all levels.

Racketball is enjoying a steady growth in popularity at Fair Oak and we are encouraging existing players to take it up and for new members to give it a try. We have racketball teams playing in the competitive and social Hampshire leagues. The Hampshire Racketball website is found here

Watch this introduction video from England Squash & Racketball here

Further information on racketball can be found at http://www.uk-racketball.com/