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Please note we only sell to FOS&RC members. No external sales will be processedItems are usually in stock or can be ordered. If you would like anything just use the order form HEREPayment by bank or credit cardMinimum purchase amount is £4.00 due to transaction feesGoods will be left out for you in a safe place at the club to collect once paid for.  Unless stated otherwise, all goods sold to members at trade prices meaning you are unlikely to find these items cheaper anywhere else.  If you would like to view or try any racket just ask us. 

FOS&RC Shop - Official Pointfore Agent

Head MX Fire - Racketball 


Typical web price £28Head Size: 520 sq.cmBeam: CTX-Section: 20 mmStiffness: MedWeight/Bal: 223/27Power: MediumMaterial: Metallix Fusion AlloyMedium powered Head MX Fire is suitable for Intermediate and beginner player.  Outstanding value for money for anyone starting out with racketball / Squash 57. Outstanding value racket! Full length cover inc.

Pointfore RB450 - Racketball


Typical web price £69-73Head Size: 560 sq.cmBeam: CTX-Section: 24 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Balance: 170/28Power: HighMaterial: HM GraphiteThe high powered Pointfore RB 450 is a long handled racketball racket with an large sweet spot and vibrant colour design.  Suitable for professional and advanced player.  The favoured racket for top players!

Pointfore Hawk


Typical web price £40Head Size: 430 sq.cmBeam: CBX.Sect: 19 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Bal: 140/38Power: HighMaterial: Graphite / Super CarbonHigh powered Pointfore Hawk Squash Racket suitable for Professional / Advanced / Intermediate Player. The ultimate in power! 

Pointfore Falcon


Typical web price £70Head Size: 500 sq.cmBeam: CBX-Section: 19 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Balance: 135/37Power: HighMaterial: Nano Graphite / TiHigh powered Pointfore Falcon Squash Racket suitable for any level of player.  Lighter in the head to generate good racket speed. Large hitting area and sweet spot. 

Pointfore Kestral


Typical web price £55Head Size: 430 sq.cmBeam: CBX-Section: 20 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Bal: 140/36Power: High Material: Graphite / Super CarbonHigh powered Pointfore Kestrel Squash Racket suitable for Intermediate/Beginner Player. Good performance and good value racket. Colour scheme may vary from picture 

Pointfore Vulture

Out of Stock

Typical web price £60Head Size: 502 sq.cmBeam: CTX.Sect: 19/16 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Bal: 155/38Power: HighMaterial: 100% GraphiteHigh powered Pointfore Vulture SLC Squash Racket suitable for Advanced / Intermediate Player.The largest legal head size possible, awesome power, huge sweet spot. Lighter in the head to generate good racket speed. Perfect balance, power and control. 

Pointfore Premier Carbon


Typical web price £80-90Head Size: 430 sq.cmBeam: CTX - Section: 17/15 mmStiffness: HighWeight/Balance: 140/38Power: Med/HighMaterial: Graphite S CarbHigh powered Pointfore Premier Squash Racket suitable for any level of player. Lighter in the head to generate good racket speed. Perfect balance, power and control. The best Pointfore Racket. 

Demo Rackets

££ Free

Try Before You Buy!If you would like to test out any of our rackets then please let us know.  


NEW DESIGN COMING SOONWe have a NEW team shirt being ordered now. Price £12

Pointfore / Head Squash Balls

£2.00 each

Fully compliant spec plays the same as Dunlop!Min purchase 2 balls = £4

Dunlop Squash Balls

£2.40 each

Standard league ball.  Double yellow / Single yellowMin purchase 2 balls = £4.40 

Dunlop Rackatball Ball


Pro black ball double yellow dot. Ideal for squash players to transfer to or county standard racketballersMin purchase 2 balls = £4.80

Dunlop Racketball Ball


Standard single yellow dot ball ideal for developing and good players who like a more lively bounce.Min purchase 2 balls = £4.80

Pointfore Premier Grip


Top standard grip used by many pro's. Long lasting and good absorption.  Mixed coloursMin purchase 2 grips = £ 4

Pointfore Racketball Balls


Twin Pack. Blue or black. Play the same as Price / Technifibre.

Squash Shoes

£ Check Prices!

We don't stock shoes but please see below links for best prices mail order!Sports DirectJust SquashPDHSweatband

Pointfore Bag


SPECIAL ORDER3 racket compartments each compartment will carry at least 4 squash rackets, also fitted with a side pocket and internal wet compartments. Fitted with straps so that the bag can be carried as a shoulder bag .I.E. haversack type. When you compare this against the £70 Wilson and Technifibre bags you need to ask some serious questions.